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Operating a restaurant it’s no easy task. You have a lot on your plate when it comes to running your establishment successfully. If you want to improve your restaurants standing, below are eight resources that will help you. Whether it is to increase your restaurant’s website traffic, get discovered online, ease the stress of operating, assist with sales, or increase customer satisfaction, these resources are just what you need to keep you going. You can always check out our blog for more tips & ideas to make your way through the world of online marketing as a successful restaurant business. Our Blog ↝

Industry Associations

National Restaurant Association ↝

The National Restaurant Association (NRA) is a food service industry support group. Their mission is to inform and protect America’s restaurant owners by advocating for the industry’s interests. NRC currently has over 40,000 members and over 500,000 establishments linked in their organization.

Restaurant owners who become members are offered benefits such as: product discounts, networking and educational event opportunities, research and insight on current industry trends as well as tools and solutions for their everyday issues.

Restaurant Equipment

WebstaurantStore ↝

The Webstaurant Store is the largest and most reliable e-commerce website for all your food service equipment needs. They provide products spanning from restaurant equipment to janitorial supplies and even furniture. From their start in 2004 to today they have supplied the food service industry professionals with all of their needs. They offer competitive prices and excellent costumer service. The Webstaurant Store has everything you need to run your restaurant successfully.

Accounting Softwares

qb256x256 Quick Books ↝

Quick Books is a small business accounting and book keeping software. Over the years Quick Books has developed into a full-featured easy to use software that is perfect for restaurant owners. Now available in both desktop software and a web hosted program. You can choose your preference. Owners can also get apps for their mobile devices to keep themselves connected and where they go. A list of compatible applications with the software is also available to make your job easier.

Restaurant Insurance

 Georgia Bourdadonakis – Ross Insurance Agency ↝

To ensure you have the proper insurance on your restaurant, contact Georgia Bourdadonakis from Ross Insurance Agency for a comprehensive review on your policies. This includes but is not limited to property, business personal property & worker’s compensation. During the “Ross Review” they will go through and explain what your business is insured for and any additional insurance options they recommend to protect your business in the event of a loss. Competitive pricing is always a factor as well and with over 30 reputable insurance companies, we are confident they can provide you with the coverage you desire at a price you can afford.


Roses Entertainment ↝

Roses Entertainment has been servicing the Lancaster County area for over 5 years, but have been in the industry over 23 years. Their goal is to provide restaurants with entertainment that will be sure to leave their customers with fond memories of a great time. With their massive followings, Roses Entertainment is an excellent resource to increase revenue and sales to your restaurant, simply by providing your customers with fun. With services like DJ hosted Karaoke and Trivia Nights, Roses Entertainment will give your customers an amazing experience right from your restaurant! Using their services consistently is a key tool in generating more business. Visit Roses Entertainment for more details and bookings.

POS Systems

NCR Aloha ↝

NCR provides point of sale software and hardware that handles electronic transactions for large and small restaurants. NCR Aloha is software designed specifically for all types of restaurants like fine dining, pizzerias, cafes, and sports bars.

Their interface is easy to use and provides a simple way for staff to input orders and payments. It has customizable features that allow you to tailor it to your restaurants needs with features like gift cards, check splitting, loyalty programs and much more.

NCR also offers technology that allows your customers to conveniently order online and pay for meals from their mobile devices.

Restaurant Review Websites

Yelp ↝

Yelp is an free online crowd sourced social networking site. Yelp users can submit reviews and ratings of their experiences and recommendations on local restaurants overall experience. They also provide customers with information on business and allows the business owner to respond to customer reviews and concerns. The restaurant business owner can also update their contact information and list available deals and promotions. Yelp has also added features where users can order delivery, make reservations, and view health inspection scores all through their website.

Foursquare ↝

Foursquare is a personalized search engine that tracks the places your customers like. The customers become more visible on the site according to their interests. Users can list their favorite local restaurants and leave photos and reasons why they love it.

Foursquare allows you to claim your own listing, giving you control and providing a platform for customer interaction. It also offers ads to promote your restaurant by targeting customers who are searching for your services and can also refer your restaurant to users who like similar places.

Their companion app, Swarm, allows users to check-in in real time and share their location. Whenever they visit your location and check in, all of their friends will know.

Zagat ↝

Zagat is your customers guide to discovering your restaurant. Zagat listens to customer’s reviews and rates restaurants for them. Now fully integrated with Google, it also helps your customers find restaurants quickly by interest or location.

Restaurant Reservations Website

opentableOpen Table

Open Table is real time reservation app. Customers can make reservation and then rate and review the restaurant. Not only does this help customers discover new restaurants, it can also helps you to market and expand your establishment. Open Table also partners with restaurants to offer customers free meals and gift cards.

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