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Hot Z Pizza Restaurant


Hot Z Pizza is a family run pizza restaurant that began their journey over 20 years ago, now operating in 2 locations. They work side by side with Tetrad to define and distinct the brand’s uniqueness through design and clear messaging.


Build exclusive brand identity. Get them discovered by new customers, and increase customer satisfaction.


Complete ReBranding by creating and reinforcing strict brand guidelines for both online and offline advertising and marketing materials, increasing online ordering sales by 30% the first year and increasing each year.


Tetrad Marketing stands out amongst the business/Advertising agency, because they are a small company, and in my case they have restaurant experience, where they understand my needs on where to advertise the most.

They are even ready to adapt to learning our POS System which comes with many capabilities that we are not using, but Tetrad sees how much we are missing out.

Overall Tetrad Marketing will listen to your needs, and answer all your questions promptly.

President of Hot Z Pizza


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If you are a business in the restaurant industry, and looking to increase your salesgrow your brand, or just a little updating, let Tetrad Marketing be your partner. Although we provide short-term advertising solutions, our heart is on creating long-term relationship with our clients. We’ll only take on 20 clients a month to ensure that each client will receive the time and effort it takes to create a complete solution to their marketing needs, guaranteed. If you feel that our values align with your business then let’s start the conversation.


Hot Z Pizza Restaurant


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