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Advertising Agency in Lancaster, PA serving clients nationally.

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There is no love sincerer than the love of food.

― George Bernard Shaw

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CEO of Tetrad Marketing Michael Tripari talking to client

CEO of Tetrad Marketing – Michael Tripari talking to client


Do you only work with big clients?

We work with anyone who has the sufficient budget to bring a project to fruition. That doesn’t have to mean millions of dollars. But it does have to mean they have the capitalization necessary to begin the work. Dreams are nice — just about every successful restaurant started with one. But the inconvenient truth is that it costs money to turn a dream into a reality.

The good news is that we treat your budget as if were our own money, and stretch it as far as possible. But we’ll also tell you if we think you’re underfunded, and then help you decide whether to recapitalize or adjust your expectations. We don’t accept clients just to earn a fee; we only accept those clients we know we can help achieve success.