How to Use Facebook and Instagram Stories to Connect With Your Audience

More people than ever before (>300 million, approximately) are now using Instagram Stories Instagram’s resounding answer to Snapchat’s disappearing photo and video feature. In fact, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg even says that Stories are set to overtake the News Feed as the primary form of social sharing. Instagram Stories can even be made to be shared in sync with Facebook Stories.

The Importance of Storytelling for Wineries

If you’re in the wine business, you know one thing: wine is meant to be discovered. It’s meant to be unearthed and uncovered, a mystery that has to be unraveled. In other words, it’s a story that needs to be revealed to the audience. As with any other product, the story is what draws people towards the brand, and makes them want to engage with

How Storytelling Can Help Your Brand

With quality storytelling! You see, a brand needs to be able to engage with its customers. It needs to give them a message they can connect with, and which prods them to interact with the brand of their own accord. That’s where the magic of storytelling comes in – telling a story makes for active engagement. By creating content that provides some value to the customer, you inspire them to be a

Using Video Marketing to Leverage Your Social Media

Social media is by far the most expansive platforms for effective communication. And with the number of innovative tools being added to this platform, it seems like communication keeps improving and becoming effective every day. So if you’re a restaurant

9 Tips to Hire the Right Web Designer for Your Restaurant

What is that one thing you look at, as a customer, before you head off to a restaurant? The website!

This is why it is essential for you to build a strong and striking design for your restaurant’s official website. But for the ideal website, you need an expert web designer. If you’re ready to hit the high roads then take a look at the 9 awesome tips inside this post

7 Tips to Hire the Best Employees for Your Restaurant

Restaurant owners have quite a trouble in hiring the best employees that would help in improving the quality of their business. Most of the restaurant jobs require cooks, bartenders, servers etc. all of which need specialized skills to deliver the maximum satisfaction to the customers. If you’re looking for the best employees for your restaurant in Lancaster, PA, we have prepared 7 tips to hire the best employees for your restaurant:

How to Maximize Marketing and Advertising for Your Restaurant Franchise

Restaurant franchisors need to be clever with the way they pursue their business-related aspects. For your restaurant franchise to grow and expand, you need to maximize its marketing and advertisement aspects. Below are some ways you can maximize marketing and advertising for your restaurant franchise: