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Michael Tripari Founder / CEO

Several years ago, Michael Tripari (Founder / CEO at Tetrad Marketing) had three things: 5 years of restaurant industry experience, a passion for advertising and a question; how can I apply my passion for advertising and food to the restaurant industry in order to help restaurant business owners increase sales? By investing his time and energy into comprehending the way the food and restaurant industry ticks, He has developed an answer: Tetrad Marketing. Read my story ↝

Linette Dueño Creative Director

Linette Dueno started her journey into the art world in 2006. She graduated with a BFA from the PA College of Art and Design in Lancaster, PA. Her passion for edgy, innovative and ever changing design grew along with her experiences in the field of Graphic Design. Michael and Linette share a vision for marketing and advertising for the ever evolving restaurant and food & beverage industry. Linette joined Tetrad Marketing as a Creative Director in 2015. She brought her fresh outlook and experience to Tetrad Marketing and has become an asset to the company ever since.

Nicolas Kambouroglos Photographer

Tetrad is pleased to have Nicolas Kambouroglos on the team. Along with his creative eye and knack for the perfect camera angle, Nick has also attained his Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from Temple University. In addition, he has taken classes from the PA College of Art and Design to sharpen his skill. Nick has been interested in photography as far back as he can remember. He started out as a freelance photographer and over the past three years, he has grown and developed in the world of photography and honed in on a true talent for photographing food items. Nick can take the most basic grilled cheese sandwich and turn it into a mouthwatering visual work of art. Nick has become a wonderful asset to Tetrad Marketing since 2016 and will continue to come to the table with fresh, new styles and ideas for many more to come.

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Who we are

Restaurant marketing help you can count on

There’s a fine line between good and bad marketing. The goal here is to develop a good, strong online marketing solution to drive your brand. Tetrad Marketing wants to get to know their clients and their business. The team will be able to accurately acknowledge the client’s needs and devise a solid plan to advertise their business effectively and cost-efficient. Tetrad’s mission is to create quality work, not quantity, therefore, they will only take on 20 clients a month to ensure that each client will receive the time and effort it takes to create a complete solution to their marketing needs, guaranteed.

How we do it

First, the client will meet with one of their account managers to talk about the client’s business. The account manager will come prepared with a simple questionnaire just to get a foundation started. Next, Tetrad’s team of passionate advertising professionals will review the information and work to create a plan on how to tackle the project, followed by a timeline.

Tetrad is dedicated to their clients and would like their feedback along the way. The client will be involved in solidifying the devised marketing solution, created by the Tetrad’s team, and the work begins. It’s that simple. Services ↝ Portfolio ↝

Are you hungry for a new marketing approach?

If you are a business in the restaurant industry, and looking to increase your salesgrow your brand, or just a little restaurant marketing help, let Tetrad Marketing be your partner. Although we provide short-term advertising solutions, our heart is on creating long-term relationship with our clients. We’ll only take on 20 clients a month to ensure that each client will receive the time and effort it takes to create a complete solution to their marketing needs, guaranteed. If you feel that our values align with your business then let’s start the conversation.