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Let’s take a look at what exactly we can do for you, shall we?

Tetrad Marketing is the leading advertising agency for the restaurant and food & beverage industries. They provide exceptional, accessible, and innovative marketing and advertising solutions. They have helped more than 50+ restaurants and businesses increase sales continuously with their exclusive advertising strategies that help craft any restaurant’s overall brand. Through strategic marketing campaigns, website designs, graphic designs, email marketing and more, Tetrad will push your brand and get your name out there and most importantly increase your restaurant sales.

The dishes we serve…

Logo Design

The foundation of your identity.

A quality logo is the perfect combination of simplicity, a strong idea, and an effective brand strategy. It has a strong personality of its own. It’s discernible, clear, and graphically well-balanced. It is one of the most essential elements of communicating your ideas to the public. The whole story of your corporate identity is built on a strong logo. The entire design manual of the brand, which defines and visually develops the brand, is reflected with your logo.

Graphic Design

We pay attention to detail.

A top-notch graphic design is the basis of all the services that we provide. We make sure that we hire the best graphic designers, illustrators, and photographers to get the job done creatively and professionally. The whole creative process is overseen by an experienced creative director, which on our end, becomes the guarantee of the highest level of performance. We understand the “staples” of restaurant advertisement; therefore we really focus on creating well-rounded, solid designs for your everyday menus, table tents, happy hour flyers, ads and more.

Branding & Corporate Identity

Be yourselves

Your credibility and your long-term position on the market is influenced by the visual identity of your brand. This visual identity is also the key element that determines your ability to withstand the competition. A quality identity combines in itself a story with a unique and complex visual communication, regardless of whether you are running a small restaurant or a major food & beverage corporation.

Packaging & Product Design

From concept to product.

We truly believe that the packaging is not only what sells the product, but also what speaks to the public. It communicates more than you think and we put a lot of emphasis on its correct and effective execution. We will help you with its creation from the very beginnings of the concept and visualization, through to the production and final communication of the product as a whole.


Capture your customers with the details.

A great photo sells. Our photographers specialize in technically and creatively expressing appetite appeal through photography. Whether we are talking about food imagery or composing scenes to show off your restaurant’s best assets, we deliver. Leave it to us to make your customer’s mouths water. We also automatically include advanced photo editing.

Social Media & Online Marketing

Stay current with today’s most popular method of communication: Social Media.

The huge contribution of social media in marketing nowadays is beyond any possible questioning. We will prepare a very comprehensive and clear strategy of how to conduct your campaign in terms of social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest. That, naturally, includes a proposition of customer-focused, attractive and suitable content with a follow-up evaluation of the results. Learn more ↝

Website Design

Web design in a responsive, elegant, functional, and modern way.

A top-notch web design will make your restaurant / business accessible to everyone, regardless of their internet connection. That is why we offer you a responsive design that is compatible with all devices and their current versions of browsers. Maximum optimization of your website for the browsers is our routine policy for customers. We integrate many features to convenience your online customers, including online printable coupons, digital menus, online ordering, email club sign up forms and more.

Email Marketing

Create a personal connection with your audience.

Making your customers feel acknowledged and appreciated is key in being successful in the restaurant industry. Email Marketing is a great approach to this. Tetrad will create email blasts and newsletters to send out to customers on your emailing list. We will promote your restaurant in a fresh and appealing way through our unique email designs. Just one more way that we can draw your audience in on a personal level and still use the look and feel of your brand to do it, creating brand recognition amongst those on your emailing list.

Web Content Management

Publish your content quickly and easily.

The maintenance, editing, and addition of content to your website requires day-to-day attention and care. We offer you a number of effective, easy and timesaving approaches. Our systems can fully, independently and in a flexible and dynamic fashion manage your content on the web.

SEO Web Optimizing

Optimization for devices and browsers.

Boosting your website is built on the solid foundation of quality, original content, and a reliable choice of keywords based on accredited applications and processes. As a result, we manage to achieve not only the ability to discern your website in browsers, but also high-quality content which, according to specialists, is the key component of your website.

Of course, you can also secure high attendance and the ability to discern your website through the means of a paid ad. That, however, only works as a short-term solution. From a long-term point of view, it is a much better decision to invest in the quality of your website.

Brand Strategy

Think it through at the beginning.

Do you have a set brand strategy? We presume that you do, but if you do not, we will be more than happy to help you with this crucial marketing step. We will prepare a complete marketing proposition for you and your brand. This proposition will also include the price definition of your target audience as well as the market itself. In other words, all the components that together create a successful and professional campaign.

Online Advertising & Media

We focus on conversion.

We know about the specifics of the media domain. We can cover your campaign from the very start of the concept and the creative process all the way through to the hiring of the media space and outdoor advertising. We also provide the resulting data after the campaign is finished.

Consulting & Strategy Development

An opinion that you can rely on.

It is very difficult to create a solid and effective strategy of the campaign because it requires an insight into many details and smaller steps that together create the bigger picture. It does not matter how big of a budget you have for your project, a responsible planning of your marketing strategy is crucial for any kind of price range. We will help you with the analysis of your objectives and with the setting up of your communication strategy. We also make sure that we carefully consult you on all of the possible alternatives depending on the nature of your restaurant(s) target audience and the services you plan to offer.

Are you hungry for a new marketing approach?

If you are a business in the restaurant industry, and looking to increase your salesgrow your brand, or just a little updating, let Tetrad Marketing be your partner. Although we provide short-term advertising solutions, our heart is on creating long-term relationship with our clients. We’ll only take on 20 clients a month to ensure that each client will receive the time and effort it takes to create a complete solution to their marketing needs, guaranteed. If you feel that our values align with your business then let’s start the conversation.